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Geraint Wyn Davies - Pix & clips


EVEntS:  Theatre: Stratford Festival 2002     NEW
Musical "My Fair Lady" (Higgins) and "Do Not Go Gentle" (Dylan Thomas Trilogy #1)
Too little pics, too much scribblings of mine ;)

Theatre: Wolfville 3
(Aug. 2001, "Stranger in Paradise", Dylan Thomas Trilogy #3)
Jack's review, CR's pics, Paula's pics, the song, links

Pix:    Airwolf: Page 1 and Page 2  (1987) Season 4 (with a simple ep-guide and other actors)

Kung Fu: medium or small  ep. The Possessed  (1994)

Highlander ep. Turnabout (1993)

Tropical Heat / Sweating Bullets ep. For a song (1991)

And the very best, of course:
Forever Knight!!   The Nicky page with countless little mugshots from Kristin, linked to her episode pages, and some other FK screenshots shattered all over my site (most on the LK pages.)


Sounds & movies:   from Black Harbour, Boys of Syracuse, et al

Note: Forever Knight stuff is separate, on my FK -- Sounds & Movies page!
Along with a little (outdated?) info on how to make outtakes etc.
More clips to come slowly, check my What's New page for updates.
I'm also collecting LINKS  to other GWD sites incl. Black Harbour etc. Know a good one?
Mail me! (should have some non-FK stuff, otherwise it's for the FK-links-page)

Important !!!   Update July 2002, regarding the bigger clips
That old problem with finding storage space has hit again! I'm sorry, but this server won't allow storing bigger files, (and the free space is almost used up anyway,) so in the past I used various free file storage services. Only to always find it's only a matter of time until they all vanish!! The latest attempt was in yahoo's briefcase, worked quite well - until they drastically reduced the free services lately.... So, there is no public file sharing allowed anymore, only with specific other people with a yahoo account. Meaning if you want to access the clips now (except the real tiny local ones,) you first
need your own yahoo addy, then send it to me, so I can add it to my briefcase's list, and after this you can finally access it. As soon as you're logged in with yahoo again. . . .
I'm really not happy with that either, but can't afford to waste dozends of hours again anytime soon looking for yet another service! :(

Listing clips

Black Harbour (The tag of Artichoke Pie):   BHarb--ArtP-tag    sound-wav: 80 sec, 1.2 MB

Boys of Syracuse (Musical comedy, on stage, first song):   GWD-Syracuse-song1      Ger sings!!
                   sound-wav: 2:12 min, 2.8 MB     movie-avi:   42 sec, 4.9 MB (outtake)

In their shoes - The Loyalists:   GWD--Ive-seen-sights    movie-avi:   73 sec, 4.7 MB (1977)


Descriptions          top

BLACK HARBOUR:   BHarb--ArtP-tag.wav   80 sec, 1.2MB          top
Artichoke Pie (Final ep.) :   The tag

Just a lovely scene with soft background music, nothing exciting, but so cute!
Thanks to Ramona for decoding the whispering!


[Nick and Kit in the kitchen, after everyone has left.
She just came in and stopped him doing the dishes,
and said thank you for rescuing the evening. ]

Nick: God, I've missed you!!
Kit: [relieved]   I know. I know!   [Big hug...]

[Next scene: they are lying on the sofa and chitchat]

Kit: So what about Dall?
Nick: So what about Dall...
Kit: You're gonna take it?
Nick: Ah, I don't know. I think I like this "itinerant laborer" stuff...
Go where the work is...
Kit: Work with your hands...
Nick: Ah, yeah yeah, I'm good with my hands!
[teasing, kissing, giggling] Carry a lunch bottle soon...
Kit: Yeah, too weird.
Nick: Looks good on me. Honest!
[He kisses her fingertips and gets serious again]
Nick: If I were a carpenter...
Kit: [humming] And I was your lady...
Nick: ...would you marry me anyway...?
[She lays her fingers on his lips and leans to kiss him for an answer]



BOYS OF SYRACUSE:    GWD's song No.1           top

Theater play filmed in 1986. GWD singing and dancing in this comedy, so cheerful it's just infectious :-)))


GWD-Syracuse-song1.wav   2:12 min, 2.8MB



GWD-Syracuse-cutout1.avi   50sec, 5 MB

Movie-outtake of the song above. This picture is the size (220x140) and "quality" you'll see. Sorry for the stripes, but it's still worth watching. Yum! And I'm afraid it won't work on Macs, but couldn't test. Updated file in Feb.2001, cropped the black bar at the bottom and squeezed in 8 more seconds.
The whole 2 min-song in avi is about 15 MB, if anyone wants it please mail me.



IN THEIR SHOES:  GWD--I've seen sights     73 sec, 140x140, 4.7MB  top
Ep. The Loyalists  (Shot in 1977, episode only about 15-20 min)

1783, New York: The revolutionary war has just ended, but times are dangerous yet. Nicky (again!! <g>), a patriot just released from captivity, returns home after four years, is surprised to find his fiancee in his father's house. They are in love, but she's on the Loyalists' side, and about to emigrate with her mother. He wants her to stay and marry him, expects a bright future now - while she expects anarchy now, and fears for her life, not without reason. She reports patriots crimes, e.g. how her innocent Quaker friends and kids got killed in their beds and burned. She must decide, but time is running out, a group of vengeful loyalists is nearing the house...  

(The first two pics are the movie size you'll see, 140x140)

LOYAL - 01 LOYAL - 02 LOYAL - 03

Hannah: [angry] How can you build a free society when you've destroyed it's very basis?!   [traditions, loyalty, etc.]

Nicky: MEN are the basis of society, Hannah, NOT authority. MEN, and their right to be considered equal, one to the other!

Think you the British'd be innocent of blood?
I have seen their handiwork... Picked my way through villages, left smoking and in ruins. Found children, skalped and maimed, shorn of their limbs by TORY blades! (Bereft?) by women, whimpering in the dust, ravished over and over by Tory officers and men. Women so brutalized and crazed that they will never speak again!

Nay... Think you to have monopolized grief? I have seen sights... past speak... past forgetting. And all these (hoarse haunting were???) done by british soldiers and their allies, that they may teach the colonies what loyalty means!!

Since I cropped the right screen side to save file size: This is what you're missing:

(PS: Nancy Taylor has a few fantastic pics of this ep on her Actor's page!)




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